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In democracies and many other countries, individuals are born having a right to exist.

But organizations aren't born with the same right, they must take steps to ensure they can continue to exist.

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Businesses, services and community or government organizations only exist because there is So, unless you are very rich or have a backer who is, you may need to generate support for your organization.

This Writing & Media section of this website is designed to assist you to get and keep that support for what you do.

The writing principles talked about in this section are used in the other sections of this site. They are accessible through OrganicExchange.com.au home page. It opens in a new window so you don't lose this page

Radio has pictures, just as television does, but the pictures are not on the set, they're in the listeners' minds. And it is not just music or talk that translates well to radio.

You can use a lot of color, tone and timing on radio to set a scene for listeners to draw in their minds, allowing you to take them places they have never been. Radio paints a picture if you use the right tools.

New! Better! Bigger! Stronger! Faster! Unique! Weird! Sexy! There is difference and drama in each of these words. They get used frequently in our daily media in the hope that there will be enough difference to grab your attention and your money. But even though the words and the sentiment driving the people who use them is tacky, the reasoning is sound. After all, in most forms of communication we respond well to some things staying the same - it makes us comfortable. But to motivate us, it often takes something else. That is how Difference Drives Delivery

Just the thought of doing a radio interview is enough to make many a person nervous. Let alone doing the interview. But there are easy ways to plan and do a radio interview. Most of us can use a telephone comfortably, so a simple way to settle into radio is to do your first few interviews over the phone. There are more tips in Simpler, easier radio interviews

It's good news week - or is it? There are some traps for the unwary in dealing with the media. It can be one thing to make a particular statement to your partner and quite another to say the same thing on radio or in a media conference or media release. Here are Some cautions when dealing with the media

You can learn to write in a way that makes it likely for people to want to read what you have to say. And, you can enjoy writing - whether it is to promote your business or service, to tell people about your art, to earn a living or just write for yourself.

You can write for newspapers, magazines, the internet or write that book. One way to learn to write well and to learn to enjoy writing is through doing this Dealing with the Media workshop

To see some examples of the style of writing you can learn in the course, look at some of the items on the www.OrganicExchange.com.au home page. It opens in a new window so you don't lose this page. Follow any links that interest you. If none interests you, ignore the subject of the items, and instead look at the way they communicate information. The process is more useful than the content when you are looking at how to improve your writing or how to communicate better through the media.

It doesn't matter what your chosen medium is, whether it is a book, newspaper, magazine, radio or the internet, most of the techniques are similar - and there are specific differences. You will find the items on OrganicExchange.com.au home are designed to: I have written this way because many people using the internet don't like to spend much time searching for info. They look for what works for them rather than wasting time on something that doesn't work.

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